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My Evil Family

Halloween Part Deux

Look! The Windsors with Adolf Hitler! The evil, it's everywhere...

Okay, Halloween is this weekend. I've really got to get on it.

Bridget doesn't want to help me crash Bibi's party by being a lapdog for some stupid reason, and Sassy wants me to take our little brother Takey out trick or treating around the neighborhood with her. That means stopping at Almighty's house. Hmmm. Maybe I don't want to go to Bibi's dumb party after all. I'm getting an idea here...

Instead of scaring Bibi, I could dress as something that would scare Almighty. I could go trick or treating as the ghost of one of her husbands! I'd like to see her face when she answers the door and sees the ghost of old Bertram Hightower (Husband #4, the one who died in a riding accident) grinning at her with a broken neck and riding a hobby horse. Or I could dress up as a middle-aged man having a heart attack--that would cover a couple of husbands right there.

I wonder what Almighty looks like when she's scared? I don't think I've ever seen that expression on her face. Could be interesting.

Of course, the Scary Bibi costume would probably frighten Almighty too. Just not in the same way.

Decisions, decisions...


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