Bridget Cahill
age 16
junior at St. Margaret's Prep
Baltimore, MD

St. Brigid, my patron saint. Jane says she's lame and Joan of Arc can kick her ass. I don't care what Jane says.

another picture of St. Brigid, with the rolling Irish countryside. yeah, okay, this is pretty lame.

Bridget to Nowhere

November 7

I disobeyed Jane (Miss Bossy) and went to Bibi's party as a sexy kitty. Once Jane ran out in shame I had a lot of fun. Everybody in Bibi's crowd is pretty nice to me as long as they don't know who I am. Sometimes I think Jane's not a very good friend.

October 19

Jane says I have to be a lapdog for Halloween. I don't want to be a lapdog. I want to be a sexy kitty. Jane says that's stupid. She's says I have to be a lapdog, with a collar around my neck that says "Tasha." She's not the boss of me, no matter what she thinks. Anyway, I'M not the one in a fight with Bibi D'Alessandro. I don't think people should use Halloween as a way to get revenge on other people. There, I said it.

September 1

I can't think of anything to write. My family is so boring. Not like Jane's. I'll post something soon, I swear.

I want to get a tattoo like this

Confessions of the Sullivan Sisters