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My Evil Family

Joan of Arc and the Cramps

Maybe you're wondering what the pictures on my blog mean. First there's our house, which Bridget drew for me--I have to admit she's a way better artist than I am. I have three brothers and two sisters and the oldest kid living at home gets the Tower Room for a bedroom. First St. John had it, then Sully, and now my sister Norrie . . . but next year she's going to college and it will be my turn.

Next: Joan of Arc. Sister Mary Joseph made us choose a patron saint in Religion class and she's mine. For one thing, we have (almost) the same name: Jane/Joan. But mostly she is the most badass saint. She was a teenage rebel. She was burned at the stake for defying the Church. Later (years and years later) the Church gave in and made her a saint. They should have listened to her in the first place! It makes me mad whenever I think about it.

For fun I threw in a picture of St. Uncumber, the beaded-lady saint. Her father was making her get married but she didn't want to so she prayed to God to keep her a virgin. The next morning she woke up with a beard. Mission accomplished, God.

Sister Mary Joseph also made us nominate a modern saint, so I nominated Lux Interior from the Cramps. He died not too long ago, so he qualifies in that respect. I love the sound of it: "St. Lux Interior." Sister M-J didn't think it was funny to nominate a horror-punk icon for sainthood. I didn't mean it to be funny. Okay, maybe I did. I got an F on that project. It's just as well. I think Lux's wife Poison Ivy would make a better saint anyway. She plays guitar and wears leather jackets and gold leggings.

I also put up a picture of John Waters, filmmaker and writer extraordinaire, just because I like it. It's a mug shot of him in a Santa suit. He lives in our neighborhood. More about that later.


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