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My Evil Family

report from bibi's halloween party

One good thing about Halloween

Sorry it took me so long to report on Halloween. I did this whole big build-up to it here on the blog and then the day itself was such a let-down I couldn't bring myself to write about it for a week or so.

I decided to go the easy way and scare Bibi instead of Almighty. So I made myself as ugly and frizzy and zitty and lumpy as possible (see "Ethel," left), put a mask over my face, and crashed Bibi's party. I was supposed to be "Ugly Bibi." Bridget tagged along in the trite sexy kitty costume she insisted on wearing. In a way that ended up being a good idea because there were so many sexy kitties at the party Bridget blended right in.

Anyway, Bibi took one look at me and laughed. She said, "Look everybody! Somebody came dressed as Jane Sullivan!" And then everybody else laughed too. I would like to emphasize that I was wearing a black fright wig, stick-on plastic zits, and padding under one of Ginger's uglier maternity dresses. How does that look like me? I was trying to look like Bibi on her worst possible day. But of course she didn't see that. She's not very perceptive.

I ripped off my mask and shouted, "The joke's on you, Bibi! I AM Jane Sullivan! You didn't recognize me!" But that just made everyone laugh even harder. I put my mask back on to hide my red face and ran out of there. Bridget actually stayed at the party for a while, incognito. She said she had a good time. Traitor.

When I got home I realized Bibi had probably recognized me right away and turned the tables on me. "Duh," Sassy said. But Sassy being Sassy, she let me eat all the Krackles out of her trick-or-treat bag to make me feel better.

Halloween. Never fails to disappoint.


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