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My Evil Family

My Family Is Evil

Welcome to myevilfamily.com, a blog written by me,
Jane Sullivan, to expose the sins of my family. We
have committed a lot of sins over the centuries, so
I’ll start at the beginning and work my way up to
now. Once I’ve covered every thing my family has
done wrong, maybe I’ll move on to the crimes of
other evil families I know.

On this blog, You, the World at Large, will learn the
truth about the great and storied Sullivan family of
Baltimore, Maryland. Maybe you’ve heard of my
grandmother, Arden Louisa Norris Sullivan Weems
Maguire Hightower Beckendorf, better known as
“Almighty Lou.” Why does she have so many names?
Because she’s been married five times. She’s never
been divorced — she’s a heavy-duty Catholic, so the
very idea of divorce makes her shudder. No, her first
four husbands died. Four of them. Died. Does this
make anyone suspicious? Am I the only one asking
questions here? Read More 
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