My Evil Family

How to Drive Your Therapist to Suicide

September 1, 2010

Tags: Ginger, psychotherapy, suicide, mayonnaise, decadence, Dr. Viorst

Just for fun, let’s talk about another member of my family for a change. How about . . . oh. . . um . . . my mother?

My mother, Virginia Wells Sullivan. We call her Ginger, ’cause she hates to be called “Mom.” According to her, just hearing the word “mom” ages a woman twenty years. And it’s not very chic. So Ginger it is.

Ginger’s got plenty of secrets I could spill—just as one example, did you know she uses a face cream with rabbit pee in it to keep her skin smooth?

Here’s a typical Ginger day: (more…)

Confessions of the Sullivan Sisters