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report from bibi's halloween party

November 9, 2010

Tags: Halloween, Bibi, Bridget, sexy kitties

One good thing about Halloween
Sorry it took me so long to report on Halloween. I did this whole big build-up to it here on the blog and then the day itself was such a let-down I couldn't bring myself to write about it for a week or so. (more…)

What Should I Be for Halloween?

October 19, 2010

Tags: halloween, Bibi

My former friend Bibi D'Alessandro is having a big Halloween party this year. How do I know? Not because I was invited, that's for sure. I'm practically the only girl in school who wasn't invited, except for Bridget and the slut contingent, Shea and Caitlin. Bibi even invited my older sister, Norrie, just to twist the knife a little. She can't hurt me, though. Norrie isn't going to Bibi's dumb party. She has better things to do, like juggle boyfriends. (more…)

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